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About us

The Pro Loco of Scarperia, an association founded in 1998, is located in the Palazzo dei Vicari, right in the heart of the historic town of Scarperia.  The non-profit organization is made up of full time active as well as honorary members who, along with a president, manage its operations. The main purposes of this organization include; management of initiatives and services designed to promote tourism, along with taking advantage of cultural, historical, artistic and sportive resources in the surrounding area. This incorporates promotion of both new and already existing events officially recognized by the town of Scarperia. Some of these events include: The flower festival, the celebration of Diotto, and the exhibition of cutting tools (handmade knives).

The Pro Loco implements, on an ongoing basis, new forms of collaboration with the associations and technical committees in the area who are interested in the development of tourism in the town of Scarperia. Such committees include the Diotto Celebration Committee and the Research Center of Knives.

Lastly, the organization manages the museum complex composed of the Palazzo dei Vicari, Museum of Knives and knife maker’s workshop, ticket office, book shop, tourist information office, guided tours, meetings and workshops, activities for children and families, conferences, renting rooms for dinners or special events, cocktail hours and wine tasting.

A)  Pro Loco Scarperia
    c/o Palazzo dei Vicari
    Piazza dei Vicari
    50038  Scarperia e San Piero (FI)
    Phone: 0039 055 8468165

B)  Diotto Celebration Committee
    via Roma, 120
    50038 Scarperia  e San Piero (FI)
    Phone: 0039 055 846565


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