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Vicar's Palace

Historical Archive of the pre-unification of Scarperia
The Historical Archive of the pre-unification of Scarperia is located in the Palazzo dei Vicari and consists of 4,600 pieces inventoried in the 1970’s  including material from 1450 to 1865.The largest group of  information relates to the history of  the Vicariate of Mugello, who was present in Scarperia from 1415 to 1859.The Vicar, the government representative of the Florentine Republic, resided in the palace with a six-month term.  He held all the administrative and judicial power.The Vicariate of Mugello exercised its civil and criminal jurisdiction over a vast territory including the present towns of Barberino del Mugello, San Piero a Sieve, Borgo San Lorenzo, Vaglia, Vicchio, Dicomano , Campi, Signa , Carmigniano , Sesto , Fiesole and Calenzano. Other equally significant centres which can attest to the presence of Scarperia in other institutions include the Podestà of Scarperia, the Mairie (Napoleonic period) ,and the Community of Scarperia. Of course there is also the documentation for the Community and to the submissive podesterias such as the Community of San Piero a Sieve , the Community of Vaglia, Podestà of Barberino di Borgo S. Lorenzo Dicomano , Campi and Vicchio, and part of the documentation of the Vicariate of near Firenzuola, of which the most significant was lost during a bombing raid of World War II in the building where it was kept in Firenzuola.
In most of the cases the conservation and condition of the material is good. There are, however, a few pieces, which have been removed for restoration. The restoration work began  in 2002 and is still in progress.The store is co-managed by the Pro Loco of Scarperia and the City Library.

For information and reservations, contact the Museum staff:

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Email: lt informazioni@prolocoscarperia.it

For the inspection of the materials, contact the Public Library of Scarperia:

Phone: (0039) 055 - 84.68.027

Email: biblioteca@comune.sacrperia.fi.it

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