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Vicar's Palace

The Palazzo dei Vicari is the symbol of Scarperia and its history. The building, with 14 th century framework, was transformed into an elegant palace in 1415 when Scarperia became a branch of the Vicariate of the Florentine Republic. Its elegance has been conserved as is demonstrated through its frescoed halls and furnishings. The atrium and frontal part of the building are decorated with many coats of arms belonging to the Vicars who served as governors of the area.

Foto di M. Fiorenzani
Foto di M. Fiorenzani

At the end of their term, which lasted six months, they were forced to leave the emblem of their home inside the Palace.  Some of the most valuable include emblems in glazed terracotta from the workshops of the Robbia family and Benedetto Buglioni.  Inside the palace we can admire the magnificent fresco from the School of Ghirlandaio, dated 1501, as well as the antique bell tower clock, created by the great Florentine architect Filippo Brunelleschi.

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